Kelvin worked as a Cultural Employment Intern at Hackney Music Service

Kelvin is from Hackney and has always been interested in Music and Events. This placement is Kelvin’s first full time job and he is keen to find future work opportunities around the same area.

What is the most common misconception about your job?
The job role is an Events Management Assistant role. It sounds glamorous and easy but it’s not. It is very enjoyable and satisfying, however there is a lot of hard work and staying late after work hours involved in the job role.

Could you describe the creative element to your job?
I get to be involved in a lot of decision making regarding forthcoming projects and potential pilots. I think this is great as it allows me to bring to the table all the ideas that I have stored up over the months and see them come to life.

When did you decide what you wanted to do with your life and how did you set out to achieve it?
I decided on December 31 2012 what I was going to set out to do with my life. They say once you have finished University you know exactly what you want to do with your life. I don’t think that is always true. Once I graduated I struggled in deciding which road to take, but I always was interested in Music and Events and wanted to pursue that as my aim for the year 2013. It wasn’t easy and there were bumpy roads ahead, but I am here now and I think I’ve made major progress.

Which organisations/websites/resources do you think would be useful for people entering your industry?
I would advice others to seek help from their local community, this is because there is always help for young people with ambitions in the local community. That’s where I found my internship and it worked for me.

About the Employer

Hackney Music Service together with the Cultural Development Team at the London Borough of Hackney have uniquely come together to share the responsibility of this post.

Hackney Music Service aims to enhance the musical experiences of young people through instrumental tuition which provides the opportunity of a wider musical experience through participation ensembles, bands, orchestras and choirs. The Cultural Development Team works with many different organisations and people within the local cultural and creative industries producing art, drama, music, dance, film, literature, media, architecture and heritage.