Melissa worked as a Studio Coordinator at the Mill Co. Project

Melissa is from Hackney and studied 3D Design. Before doing this placement, Melissa took part in five different internships with various arts and creative organisations.

What were you doing before you got a placement?
I have acquired 5 other internships through my own initiative (Admin and Archive Assistant, several gallery internships, Curatorial and Logistics Internship). I had finished a placement a couple of weeks before this one. This is the first placement I have done with create.

Can you explain what a typical day looks like at work?
I start at 10am and sit at the front desk instructing visitors where to go. I have access to the calendar so when people inquire about booking I give them the relevant material.

Would you recommend this experience to your peers and why?
I would recommend this for people who have just come out of university, as with the Arts sector you need to start somewhere and you need that first bit of experience on your CV.

About the employer

The Mill Co. Project is a creative social enterprise scheme in the heart of East London’s thriving creative community. Their aim is to create a creative co-operative environment in which the the independent creative community can thrive, providing affordable work space where freelancers can work together and collaborate.