Nida worked as a Marketing & Communications Intern at Bow Arts

Nida worked as a Marketing & Communications Intern at Bow Arts

Nida is from Barking and has a keen interest in working for the creative sector. Before this placement, Nida took part in various internships and volunteering opportunities including a placement through Create Jobs with the theatre company Tangled Feet.

What has been your experience of working with Create Jobs?
Create Jobs has been really good in helping me find internships within the arts. They have opened doors to smaller companies in my local area that I was otherwise unaware of.

Can you explain what a typical day looks like at work?
Work days vary (especially when we are working towards an event or exhibition.) A typical day would usually be spent working in the main office, working on the computer. Typically, I would be checking emails, working on the company website and other social media platforms as well as meeting with my line manager and discussing any projects or specific work that needs to be completed.

Have you found your placement beneficial?
This internship is very beneficial as it allows me to experience a working environment and gain a lot of experience that can help me further along when looking for a permanent job. I think that paid internships are very important because it allows you to gain skills and experience and allows financial stability at the same time.

Would you recommend this experience to your peers and why?
I would definitely recommend paid internships to others as it is a good starting point to gain the relevant skills and experience that will help you later in your career.

About the employer

Bow Arts is an arts educational charity based in East London. They offer artists studios, an education programme and run a contemporary art gallery called The Nunnery. Their mission is to support community renewal by delivering Arts and Creative Services through a financially sustainable model.