STEP kicked off in the autumn of 2017 with our seven STEP interns beginning the first of their two 6 month long internships

STEP is a programme offering paid twelve-month jobs comprised of two internships in two different areas of the Creative Industries.

7 lucky east London applicants were chosen to take part in the programme, and are all currently working on their first internship placements. They will all be blogging about their experiences as the programme progresses - Click here to find out more about the STEP programme and check the blog section for more posts soon.

Spread across a diverse range of organisations and roles, the internships will help the group to develop a range of skills and expertise needed to get ahead in the creative industries.

The roles our interns are now working in span videography, event and audio production, and curation, with responsibilities including front of house presentation for one of London’s leading dance venues, and marketing of an innovative grassroots community arts charity.

Alongside these internships, the group is also taking part in a programme of evening masterclasses which will equip them with the expertise to set up a fantastic arts event. In November we started with a session from Ansel Neckles of creative agency Lets Be Brief, who took the group through a few exercises used in the advertising sector to help generate ideas. The group is now taking these initial thoughts and putting them together into a proposal for a big project to be delivered in the late summer – more on this soon…

The next masterclass will be on digital marketing, followed by fundraising and production – all contributing to a set of experiences which will help grow the group into a crack team of arts producers!

As the programme progresses we’ll be telling the story of STEP with blogs, photos and videos and posting on this blog. You’ll hear from the interns themselves; their thoughts, dreams and aspirations as the year progresses.

Organisations involved

Our STEP interns