Anna Laviniere

Learning through remaking: embroidery in medieval England

In this podcast, Anna Laviniere, New Museum School trainee at the Museum of London speaks about her experience researching an embroidered Bible, and her attempt at remaking the Tudor rose motif featured on the cover.

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About Anna

Anna was based at the Museum of London working in Collections Management, which involves preserving museum objects by environmental monitoring, pest management, and other forms of preventative conservation.

Throughout her placement, Anna was involved in a variety of projects framed around the relocation of the museum.

Anna has a degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Kent and has a main research interest in the history and lives of the Black British community.

At the end of her degree, she produced a dissertation on the shift in Black British careers from manual labourers during the Windrush era to creative entrepreneurs in the current day.

Outside of academia, Anna is an embroidery artist producing work mainly inspired by Black culture, music, and positivity. Her work has been featured in art shows which she hopes to do more of in the near future as her business expands.