Junior Designer at JustSo

19th October 2021

I am a creative designer and illustrator with a passion and love for bright colours and patterns, living at the Docklands in East London.

As my undergraduate degree, I studied Graphic Communication and Illustration, following this I studied a Masters during which I specialised in the diversification of the creative arts.

I have always had a passion for studying the ways in which cultural identity influences the way we see and interpret art. I wrote my Masters' dissertation about the representation of Black women in 'Vogue', following which I graduated with a distinction.

I pride myself on being a very inclusive designer, and I love meeting creatives of all backgrounds!

Having grown up in Belgium, Switzerland and England, as well as being raised by a single African mum, multiculturalism heavily influences the way I see the world, and in turns, my design practice.

I believe that it is essential to have an understanding of how diverse audiences perceive art and design, in order to create beautiful, ethical artwork that inspires the public.

Overall, I am a creative thinker who is inspired by social change, and I can’t wait to be a part of the CreateJobs programme!