As part of Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling, we're highlighting each of the photographers who took part

What Is Your London?

For many, the idea of London conjures up postcard pictures: the London Eye, Buckingham Palace. However, these depictions of the capital that we’re used to seeing in the media, advertising and the press are outdated. That isn’t the reality for young people living here today. London is nothing without the people that live in it, and each individual has their own story to tell so the participants of Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling were briefed with showing the world what their version of London is, to let the world see their perspective.

This is Cleo's London...

Comeasyouare: The Bedroom Chronicles

Comeasyouare: The Bedroom Chronicles explores individual free-flowing spaces fuelled with creativity through the lens of the bedroom. For Webster London is increasingly becoming a city glorified for its diversity, all-inclusivity and creative spaces, allowing room for endless expression whether that is through your art, appearance and other creative ventures, London is a space to purely comeasyouare.

Webster, inspired by an upsetting schooling experience where she was unable to find a space to express herself unapologetically beside her bedroom. Through these images she explores the connection her friends have with their individual spaces and how they have reflected themselves through their own unique space hidden inside the congested city walls.

The layout of most accompanying are portraits, this aims to represent the simultaneously personal and communal nature of London’s residential areas: spaces full of life and expression which are being diminished, transforming spirited neighbourhoods and cultural spaces for capital gain. The project is a celebration of the importance of personal and communal spaces within a rapidly changing London.