One of the highlights of the festivals and events programme was Love Supreme where our participants got to rub shoulders with the stars!

The latest stop in the jam-packed Creativity Works: Festivals and Live Events schedule was the Sussex based jazz festival, Love Supreme.

A lucky six from the course - Nattisha Joseph, Whitney Abayomi, Idris Mayowa, Liam O’ Connor, Edward Imie and Melissa Wills - all got to rub shoulders with the stars as they took on Artist Liaison roles behind the scenes for the weekend. The other Creativity Works participants also attended the festival, they not only got a backstage visit and tour courtesy of Head of Artist Liaison backstage Freda Knowles, but were also tasked with reviewing the festival and blogging about their experiences.

Read some of the highlights below.

Marcus took a closer look at the marketing of the festival before the event:

'There were quite a few big brands like Yamaha and Jazzwise supporting this major festival which gave Love Supreme a bigger audience. Being there and seeing it – a huge turnout was obvious. There were families, teenagers & etc… marching around the field everywhere.

There was non-stop word of mouth promotion not just before the festival but throughout the three days. People grabbing their phones in excitement to share their experiences through photos, live-stream and videos. Many used the #LoveSupremeFest hashtag on Instagram & Twitter to document the fun happening on the day and the great music acts.'

Read Marcus' full blog post here.

It's safe to say Liam, one of the lucky few chosen to take part in an Artist Liason shift, was pretty excited by the prospect!

'As shattered as we were we were all roaring to get the Love Supreme weekend started. I couldn’t wait. When we arrived we aimed to pitch our tents ASAP as the weather was NOT on our side that morning and we weren’t prepared to cope with it getting any worse. We then quickly approached the Artist Liaison HQ, which looked like a small village and a little farm (but no animals).'

Read Liam's full blog post here.

When the participants arrived however, there was no time for excitement - Mel was thrown into the deep end along with everyone else:

'When we first got there we were introduced to Freda and then she briefed us about all our different roles... Friday also involved prepping the backstage area and dressing room to make it presentable for artists.

I was given an accreditation rep role for the two days which involved giving out artist, production and venue wristbands... This involved meeting musicians, the father of Grace Jone’s makeup artist, entourage, stage/artist managers and I was even lucky enough to meet Lianne La Havas in person!'

Read Mel's full blog post here.

Bemi spent some time interviewing festival-goers and artists:

'In the clip below, I speak to some of these festival goers & a performer about their thoughts on Love Supreme and the Jazz genre itself…'

Read Bemi's full blog post here.

At the end of the two days, everyone agreed that the festival was a great success and definitely a highlight of the Creativity Works programme. Isaac particularly enjoyed the experience:

'Love Supreme Festival was my best festival experience and it is going to be really difficult for the next festival to begin to compete with this event.'

Read Isaac's full blog post here.