Eno Inwang

How I Made My Collection With Bertrand Von Steelenborg

In this podcast, Culture& Trainee Eno Inwang is joined by guest Archaeologist and Collector Bertrand Von Steelenborg as he reveals the stories behind his artefacts donated to the new Museum of The World.

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About Eno

Eno was based at the Culture& head office year as the archives and digital media trainee, working to catalogue over 30 years’ worth of Culture& archival material at the London Metropolitan Archives, and helping to curate events and programmes based around them.

In 2018, Eno graduated from the University of Manchester in History of Art with an interest in Abstraction, Occultism, and the European Avant-Garde of the 20th Century.

In a quest to find the links between sentiments of the Avant-Garde and Music he found himself specialising in Afrofuturism and Hauntology with both theories concerned with time, the social & political constructs we live in today as a result of our collective past, and creating new narratives by using different reference points in history.

In his spare time, Eno hosts his own radio show, Universal Library, on Hackney’s Netil Radio, is a regular contributor to Pigalle Paris Radio, and plays percussion for artists Forest Law and Julien Gasc.