Want help with writing a great CV?


As a team, we see literally hundreds – if not thousands – of CVs every year. On the whole, we count ourselves very lucky – it’s always refreshing to see what an eclectic offer you young Londoners bring to the table.

That being said, time and time again, we see the same mistakes being made. If you want to make sure you’re fit enough to jump that first jobs hurdle, check your CV against this list:

1. Make sure the CV you submit is relevant to the job you’re applying for

We know it’s tempting, but it’s SO obvious when you just shoot off the same template CV to a load of different jobs without making key adjustments. Make sure your personal statement (if you have one) and your key skills list match that of the job description and personal specification. It can be time-consuming, but it shows an attention to detail that makes you stand out from the crowd.

2. Spellcheck

Don’t think we need to explain this. Get the small stuff right.

3. Be brief and to the point

Maximum two sides of A4. If you have a personal statement, keep it to 4-5 well-structured sentences. Use bullet points where possible through the rest of your CV.

4. Make it easy to read

Keeping it to two sides doesn’t mean you can cram everything in on a size 8 font. Good presentation means you can see relevant information at a glance. Give key sections titles, so it’s easy to navigate. Make sure the important information stands out. Make sure you choose a clear, attractive format that is appropriate for the organisation you’re applying to.

5. Get a professional email address

No one wants to invite chiki_monki@yahoo.com for an interview. Seriously.

6. Place sections that contain your strongest qualities before less impressive information

Your CV is not a detective novel. Lead with your most interesting and relevant skills and experience. On average, people spend 3 seconds looking at CVs. Make them count.

7. Write the Education and Employment sections in reverse chronological order

See point 6.

8. Show what you’ve done – don’t just make claims

If you have a showreel, links to your blog, social media channels or portfolio that help you demonstrate the amazing creativity and experience you bring, then show it by including a link. This really is VERY impressive!

9. Use the right language

For better or worse, industries and organisations are like tribes. And they like it when you speak their language. Check out their website, look at industry relevant blogs and websites, and observe how they frame skills and experience in the job description. Echo this language back at them in your CV. They will love you for it.

Want more help and advice? Check out the other blogs in our Create Jobs top tips series, or book to come into one of our regular info sessions and get a 1-1 with one of our advisors.

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