Creative Producer at Migration Museum

I am a recent graduate in Criminology & Psychology with a passion for the arts, particularly music and literature.

I take pride in involving myself, as an audience member, in as many art forms and genres as possible and I use photography as a way to further engage with this art.

I am looking to build experience in the creative and cultural spheres, building engaging and inclusive events for people of all ages.

I love working with a variety of creative people, particularly at the emerging level, empowering young artists to realise their visions and learning from experienced and skilled colleagues.

I have a history of work in education and I care greatly about sponsoring learning on not only academic subjects, but also cultural awareness and artistic skills.

I have developed many job-specific and transferable skills from my first creative role, producing an online festival.

I look forward to continuing this journey and using my talents to champion the social benefits of arts and culture.