Design Studio Assistant at White Weft

I am a Birmingham born and raised 23 year old currently navigating the creative scene in the UK!

Having studied Fashion design and branding in the capacity of an undergraduate and postgraduate degree I am now ready to pursue opportunities in industry.

I am an advocate for authenticity, storytelling, collaboration and sustainable approaches in fashion.

I have been in the creative field for several years in the capacity of education, work and personal projects all have which have contributed to the growth and development of my creative DNA.

My brand ERA-00 was shortlisted for the top 5 Tessuti sportswear award at graduate fashion week in 2019, birthed during my time at uni, it focuses on up-cycling denim and taking ownership of how we consume fashion.

I am very excited to be apart of the kickstart team. It gives me the chance to work in the fashion industry but also gives me the key tools and support to do so that I wouldn't get in other jobs.

Being a Design assistant at White weft I look forward to contributing positively towards the sustainable initiative of the brand and nurturing the vital skills needed to navigate the design industry for myself.