Assistant Designer / Studio Assistant at Denier Studio

After studying textiles and specialising in knit design at art school, I have always been interested in creating sculptural and unique fabrics especially for the context of fashion.

I am really excited to be working in a paid role within a company I really look up to.

Unfortunately finding paid work in the fashion industry as a graduate has been really difficult so having the opportunity to grow and keep learning in a position that is financially viable is amazing.

I hope to build on my current skills within knitwear including sampling and expanding on garment silhouettes.

Denier Studio works very experimentally, and I am really excited to have the freedom to work in such a way.

Working in a small studio means that a wide range of roles will have to be fulfilled which means a broader skillset and wider understanding of the running of a business.

I think seeing the whole process from initial research to final garment in the setting of a small, intimate studio will be invaluable in developing a stronger understanding of the development of knitwear collections as well as business acumen.