Advice from Abraham Asefaw as Meet a Mentor gets underway

On Thursday 14th March we kicked off Programme Five of Meet a Mentor in absolute style. We introduced our new cohort of mentors and mentees to each other, and we're more than excited to watch how they'll progress over the coming months. Our first session included a talk from Programme 4 mentee, Cass Kyeyune on the benefits of mentoring and where she is now, post Meet a Mentor. We also had a fantastic talk from Abraham Asefaw, Co-Founder of The Pop Up Agency, on his career path and the advice he'd give to creatives starting out in the industry.

Meet A Mentor 5 Kickoff - Cass Kyeyune by Emilie Dubois.png

- It's your journey

Don't compare yourself with anyone and instead focus on what you want to get out of your journey.

Define a clear goal and make sure that all actions reflect your goal.

- Use your time wisely

Experiment and build relationships. Take us at Pop Up as an example. If we hadn't used our time at school wisely and experimented, we wouldn't be a company today.

- Mentor

Having a circle of people you respect and aspire to be like is important for your personal growth.

Meet A Mentor 5 Kickoff - Abraham Asefaw by Emilie Dubois 1.png

- Reflection

Knowledge is gained through experiences. You need to actively be present in the experience and reflect on it so you actually can gain the knowledge.

- Strive for progress, not perfection

No caption needed.

Meet A Mentor 5 Kickoff - Cass Kyeyune by Emilie Dubois 2.png

Thanks to Kate Walsh and the team at Airbnb for being such incredible hosts and welcoming us into their offices, to Emilie Dubois for the wonderful photos and to Cassandra Kyeyune and Abraham Asefaw for delivering inspiring talks and for being so generous with their time.