Future Startup Now alumna, Yeside Williams talks about her experience on the bootcamp

Who are Create jobs?

Glad you asked. Create Jobs is a god-send organization, powered by A New Direction, that offers training and employability workshops to young people aged 18 -24.

Yeah okay, but how are they different?

The staff and facilitators are open and transparent people, with genuine care for the future of the young people they work with. Their support is unmatched (dare I say) better than any university of college employability support that I have EVER experienced.

So what have they done for you?

I’m what I like to call a Create Jobs Veteran. I have been on two of their programmes. My first encounter was on the Creativity Works: Content Production course. Led by the brilliant Fran Plowright, Stephanie Okoye, and Crystal Mah-Wing. This 7-week learning journey was motivated by their support which resulted in the creation of a new collective and my first ever video.

My second encounter was on their Future Start-Up Now course, where my job prospects were broadened completely, thanks to the wonderful Pagan-Lilley Phillips and Ajay Pabial. Within just 3 weeks, they gave my CV and cover letter a SERIOUS makeover, the confidence to answers questions in interviews and how to show your professional self off online.

The magic these individuals create together is…well magical. I have never felt more so prepared to go out into the workforce and be the best version of myself that I can offer.

One last thing, there is a real sense of community once you are accepted onto a course, we all know how competitive it is to get a job or get on a graduate scheme. Not saying that getting onto Create Jobs course isn't the same, but once you are confirmed the competition ends. The staff wants everyone to win. The connections I’ve made on both courses have been genuine and supportive, just what an job-seeking graduate needs in this current climate.

What makes them so magical, huh?

First of all, I must mention again, how passionate they all are about fulfilling the mission they ‘ve set themselves. They are maaad dedicated and it shows in the way they prepare their sessions (incredible gif users) in an interactive and engaging way.

Another thing that sets them apart from any other employability providers is the relationship they have with industry professionals. Let me name drop on their behalf.

*clears throat*

A few of their partners include Air Bnb, Depop, Tim & Barry, 4Creative and Magnum. The individuals who come from these organizations are also just as invested in enriching the minds of young people like the Create Jobs folk are. If you want to know about the other partners they work with, then get yourself on one of their courses. (I’ll tell you at the end, so stay tuned).

Okay, you’ve sold me, how do I get a piece of the action?

So you’ve read my experience, but now you want to confirm if I’m telling the truth?…. which I am.

To find out what live opportunities they have, check out the website and follow them on their socials @create_jobs to stay up to date on any opportunities or events they may be hosting.