Stumped by the idea of a group task?


You’ve bagged yourself an interview and now you find out there’s a group task. Uh-oh, what does that mean? How can you even prepare for that?

The idea of assessed group working might fill you with panic or make you cringe, but group tasks are simply about your ability to work with other people. Remember to do the following and you’ll be one step closer to acing that interview.

1. Be an active listener

One of the most important qualities in a team member is the ability to listen fully and without judgement or interruption. There’s a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak – make sure you know the difference and practice this.

2. Be diplomatic

Show appreciation for other people’s thoughts, ideas and contributions and make sure to ask the opinion of less vocal members of the group.

3. Think critically

Has your team’s discussion helped you get closer to your collective end goal? If not, what is the next step? Help move along the progress of the task by encouraging others to re-focus on the final outcome.

4. Don’t take it too seriously

A group task is part of the assessment, and interviewers are watching out for team work and productivity skills. However, above all it is a chance to show who you are and how you relate to other people. Go with the flow, enjoy it and remember it’s not that deep!

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