SLP mentee Patrice gives us a little introduction into her life


What area of the creative industries do you work in and why does it interest you?

At the moment, my employment is within the fashion retail sector but that is not where my inner interests and passions lie. My interests lie within event management, modelling and interior design. This is mainly because I love coordinating with colours, I have great organisational skills, and find pleasure in the process of watching an idea come to life through to completion.

How accessible do you think jobs in the creative industries are?

In my opinion, jobs in the creative industries have been difficult to access. Access is favourable to those that either have related experience or meaningful contacts.


How important are mentors in the creative industries?

To have a mentor within the creative industry is like a bridge finally being built and crafted for a person to cross over to another side that seemed once just a dream. Their encouragement, helping hand and motivation is what can propel a person to believe and achieve.

What's the one thing you would change about the industry you're trying to get to?

If I could change one thing, I would suggest that more workshops and flexible opportunities be introduced, where more compassionate and understanding leaders could build up young and talented creatives.

Tell us one fun fact about you.

One fun fact about me is that I am a leap year baby! My birthday falls on the 29th of February, which only comes every 4 years. When it isn't a leap year - like in 2017 - I take both the 28th of Feb and 1st March to celebrate, but when it is a leap year, I take the 28th, 29th and 1st March!

As expected, my celebrations have proven to be both extravagant and glamorous!


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