We asked Revell a few questions about his Creativity Works journey and ambitions for the future.



1) Tell us about what you did with PANIC and Creativity Works?

The PANIC programme was all about how young people can break into the creativity industries. I was in charge of the social media websites, like Instagram and Twitter, for the event. My job role for the event was to tweet about the event and what sort of things would be happening there. It was quite challenging knowing when would be the best time to tweet out something because I wanted a lot of people to see my tweet in order to raise as much awareness for the event as possible.

I had such a great experience working on this type of event. I have gained new experiences and I have most certainly developed new skills! It has really put me in such a fantastic position. I have much more confidence in myself and I am up for taking on new challenges and opportunities that come my way!

2) What are you doing now?

I have been really busy going to work - I have 3 jobs, and for pleasure I work on various personal projects. Right now I am taking part in the Vlogstar Challenge competition, where I have to produce a 1 minute video about What Inspires Me. I’ve made my first video for the challenge which I have submitted - everyone seems to think that it is really good!

I have been invited to the YouTube London office as I am 1 of the 150 Finalists. I am really looking forward to going and it’s now important for me to carry on making videos every week so I can keep my YouTube Channel active and to improve my chances of making it into the Grand Final of the competition!!

I will also be looking out for more opportunities that can help me out with my future and lead me in the right direction.

Watch Revell's second video about what inspires him here:

3) Tell us a bit about the jobs you’re doing now?

I currently have three jobs right now!!!

The first (and the newest) job is I work at the Southbank Centre as a Visitor Experience Host. I started working there at the beginning of April 2016. My job role here is to ensure our busy festival site is safe & secure, and I actively sell programmes, ice creams, merchandise and any other product on sale. I need to be efficient, knowledgeable and well organised so I can help offer a great experience to all visitors & staff. I love the atmosphere that I get when I come to the centre and there’s always something happening there.

The second job is I work at the Lyric Hammersmith as a Support Artist. I work on an activity called Code Club where young children can make their own games and websites. I have been working there since January 2016. I support the lead Practitioner to deliver two sets of Lyric Young Company Code Club classes. I also support the children who need help in code club and inform the producer of any issues arising during any of the sessions. It is really interesting and great to see young children developing their own games. I’m amazed how knowledgeable they are when it comes to making their own games.

The last job is I work at Primark - I have been working there for four years now and I work at the one at Tottenham Court Road. I’m glad that I manage to stay with the company for a long time but I feel as though my time with the company will be coming to an end very soon. I want to take on new challenges and be involved in new opportunities. Unfortunately, Primark has gotten to the point where I can’t really learn anything from it.

4) What would you like to do in the future?

I would love to be able to start my career in the creative industries because that is what I'm mostly passionate about. I would love to be able to produce original content - creating content that will stand out from everything else.

I am very passionate about giving exposure to things which not a lot of people know much about and trying to raise awareness for them. I've got some really good ideas that I really want to work on and I will hopefully be able to once the Vlogstar Challenge Competition is over.

I feel like I'm not far away from getting my dream job. Having three jobs kept me extremely motivated and determined to be successful in the future. The only aim that I have got right now is to go far in life and to make something of myself.