BYND - Junior Digital Product Designer Trainee

My name is Ethan, I'm 20 years old from South London, West Norwood to be exact.

I'm an overall good-hearted, kind person, I smile a lot and I'm a devoted, hard worker also. I have been learning graphic design since September 2019 and since beginning, have become incresasingly passionate in being able to translate ideas from my head into a design.

I have a brand named Kaizen, that I create content for on social media to as a whole, offer inspiration to all the people following. In a way it represents everything I stand for, I feel like if someone was to visit the Kaizen page, they would be able to understand the types of things i'm interested in, my positive mindset towards life and the things that inspire me as a person.

With the Flipside Programme, i'm most looking forward to seeing the progression in my design and people skills, meeting new people and working with others as a team on projects!