Gala Albas

J.W Evans Silver Factory – the silver that helped to make Birmingham the second city

J.W Evans Silver Factory opened in the Jewellery Quarter in 1881 and helped to make Birmingham the ‘city of a 1000 trades’.

In this podcast, Gala Albas New Museum School trainee at English Heritage explores how J.W Evans went from a flourishing silver manufacturer to a fascinating place of heritage. We hear from the people who worked at the factory, as well as those that keep its spirit alive today and listen to how the J.W Evans legacy can live on.

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About Gala

Gala was based at English Heritage in the Curatorial Department.

In her role as an Interpretation and Learning Trainee, she supported on interpretation projects at a range of sites, and worked with teams across the organisation, including gaining experience in collections, community engagement, digital content, and learning resource development.

An MA Social Anthropology and Social History graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Gala is particularly interested in people’s stories and the lived experience of the past.

Before joining the New Museum School, she worked and volunteered across the heritage, tourism, and education sectors.

In her final year of university, Gala worked on an exhibition which was displayed at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections and showcased their best and most interesting material on the Scottish Enlightenment. She has also developed and facilitated workshops which enable young people to engage with the past, while also learning new skills.