Bayryam Bayryamal

Museum Un-Watching

A podcast featuring Bayryam Bayryamali, New Museum School Trainee at Magnum Photos part of our New Museum School Podcast series produced with Chrome Media.

What is a museum without objects of questionable origin? Who belongs in these spaces of cultural significance? Who holds the rights of representation over a museum's possessions?

In this podcast, Bayryam Bayryamali attempts to answer each of these questions by investigating photography from Elliot Erwitt’s “Museum Watching” series.

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About Bayryam

Bayryam was based at the Magnum Photos office and worked on digital media and archive projects.

After graduating in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication, Bayryam has continued his own photography practice, as well as working with Tate Collective Young Producers and volunteering for ‘BP or not BP?’. He is also facilitating various training and workshops in collaboration with Sofia Platform in Bulgaria that explores the collapse of communism and its consequences.

Since starting the New Museum School he’s been inspired by the great scope of topics that Magnum photographers explored over the years and how Magnum can re-image and reinterpret its archive while bringing in more voices from misrepresented backgrounds in the process of doing so.