Ellieanorah Ikiebe

Think a likkle: Lineage of thought

Thomas Carlyle is one of the most influential figures you may never have heard of! He was a Victorian author and intellectual, who lived in the home now known as ‘Carlyle’s house’. Thomas Carlyle wrote “The history of the world is but the biography of great men”. Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ breaks down the idea of how we tell the stories of those we consider ‘great’.

In this podcast, Ellie Ikiebe, New Museum School trainee at the National Trust – Carlyle’s House, Fenton House, and 2 Willow Road, explores the question – ‘Is there a lineage of thought?’

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About Ellieanorah

Ellieanorah was based at the National Trust with a focus on Marketing and Communications.

Coming from a Nigerian-British background, Ellieanorah believes that her heritage is both under-celebrated and underrepresented in western heritage and drives to bring about change and share hidden narratives.

To tackle this interactively, she worked on a Heritage & History card game that celebrates the historically marginalised.

As well as being part of the New Museum School, Ellieanorah is also one of 25 women selected for the ‘You Make It empowerment programme. She wishes to bring together what she learned from both sources to push towards her overall ambition of developing a podcast series.

Additionally, she believes curators and the powers within Arts & Heritage have the responsibility to stimulate inclusive, broad conversations with a wider range of people to ensure we understand the full scope of our collective human experience.