Molly Joyce

Challenging Histories? How are we tackling the problematic collections and histories in our national heritage?

With a focus on Hidden Histories and problematic collections and history facing heritage organisations, what can and is being done?

In this podcast, Molly Joyce, New Museum School trainee at National Trust Polesden Lacey takes us through the challenges in telling these stories.

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About Molly

Molly was based at Polesden Lacey, a large Edwardian house and estate owned by the National Trust just outside Dorking. This was an exciting time at the property as the National Trust celebrated its 125th Anniversary and Molly worked in conservation, interpretation, and education as well as curating social media platforms.

Having graduated from the University of Southampton where she studied English and Politics, Molly undertook internships in various arts organisations including regional theatre and music venues. From here, her interest in increasing accessibility within the arts and heritage sector was fostered and in particular, she became interested in the relationship between politics, art & heritage.

Outside of her traineeship, Molly also writes articles for various freelance publications, focusing on intersectional feminism and most recently has explored the experiences of Irish women and non-binary people in relation to the restriction of reproductive rights.

Molly is looking forward to building her conservation skills as well as gaining more practical experience in interpretation and outreach throughout the course of her traineeship.