Morgan Beale

Collecting or Hoarding? Sustainability of behind-the-scenes collections

How can heritage collections keep growing in a way that is sustainable?

In this podcast, Morgan Beale New Museum School trainee at National Trust Rainham Hall speaks to National Trust curator Penelope Hines and introduces the curator’s study at Rainham Hall, an unexpected addition to an exhibition that keeps more of the behind-the-scenes collection on public display.

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About Morgan

Morgan was based at Rainham Hall, a National Trust property in Havering, East London, and worked on learning programming and community engagement projects, including arts workshops, focused around wellbeing through the process of making.

Morgan is an artist-maker interested in accessibility and representation. Having graduated in Costume Production in 2018, they now specialise in sensory costumes and props for people with additional needs.

Morgan is passionate about sustainable, slow-made crafts, and makes bespoke sketchbooks, journals, and art books, such as their book on transgender representation in film which was exhibited at the Society of Bookbinders International Conference 2019.

In 2019, they also created a podcast with co-host Samiir, which by honestly discussing their diverse projects and offering advice as early-career artists, is building a community of arts students and recent graduates.

Since starting with the New Museum School, Morgan has constantly been inspired by the cohort and is excited for the diversity of new ideas that everyone will bring, especially in highlighting underrepresented histories and engaging new audiences.