Denise Odong

Memory Palace: Inspiring Dialogue

A podcast by Denise Odong, New Museum School Trainee at Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery ,the former country villa of the prominent English architect, Sir John Soane; part of our New Museum School Podcast series produced with Chrome Media.

In this podcast Denise discusses a recent art installation at Pitzhanger by interdisciplinary artist, Es Devlin. Devlin is known for her striking installations within art and stage design for theatre and music. She has designed stages for significant contemporary musicians such as ‘Beyoncé’, ‘Kanye West’, ‘The Weeknd’, ‘Lorde’, and many more.

‘Memory Palace’ filled the gallery with a personal atlas of the evolution of thought; a vast chronological landscape mapping pivotal shifts in human perspectives over millennia.

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About Denise

Denise was based at Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery for the year.

Denise graduated in History of Art at the University of Nottingham in 2018 which led her to working as a realisation intern for a creative design and branding agency, photography management and production agency, and finally a design and art direction organisation.

While studying, Denise was head of curation for a student-run curatorial group called The Crop Up Gallery, successfully exhibiting fifteen artworks at the Lakeside Gallery. She was also appointed the Head of Images for the university’s official magazine. As her main aim is to diversify the homogeny that exists within the Art/Heritage sector, Denise gravitates towards institutional critique and politics of display, seeking to demonstrate the value of inclusivity through outreach and engagement of wider audiences.

Outside of Denise's traineeship she enjoys political art, creative vision and social realism and fundamentally believes that museums and galleries should be contemplative and reflective spaces.