Project Executive Placement at Anyways Creative

Salve is the Jack of all trades, juggler of projects.

She is freshly graduated engineer in the midst of Covid and constantly searching for new opportunities to create and forge authentic connections. Looking for any excuse to start a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Music is woven into every stage of her life, overflowing through her fingers and keyboard, leading her to create Live In Three.

She is still furiously on the hunt for resonating melodies five years on, having over 150 published posts highlighting artists both big and small.

She is as much as a sucker for food as she is for live music; editing photographs and mouthwatering videos from vendors that specialise in anything from waffles & crepes to jollof rice - just before swallowing them up.

She is highly inquisitive in nature and not afraid to attempt everything under the sun. Before you know it - she may have renovated your house.

Kickstart is a new, exciting journey that she is eager to embark on.

It is no doubt going to be a refreshing and insightful experience after working mostly independently during the pandemic.

She is more than willing to support and learn from her fellow creatives - this is the perfect opportunity to do so.