As part of Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling, we're highlighting each of the photographers who took part

What Is Your London?

For many, the idea of London conjures up postcard pictures: the London Eye, Buckingham Palace. However, these depictions of the capital that we’re used to seeing in the media, advertising and the press are outdated. That isn’t the reality for young people living here today. London is nothing without the people that live in it, and each individual has their own story to tell so the participants of Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling were briefed with showing the world what their version of London is, to let the world see their perspective.

This is Sarko's London...

Tree of Heaven

Tree of Heaven navigates a fluctuating path, one that explores the conflicting ideas of home and homelessness the artist has experienced in the past year and a half. The project uses photographs as fantastical backdrops emerging from the story, rather than as literal documentation of juxtaposed ideas.

The Tree of Heaven –itself a real species -has long been despised for its invasive nature: growing rapidly in its pursuit of light, it diminishes the lives of other plants and damages the infrastructure of homes and roads around it as it settles. What could be considered a natural process of self preservation and a search for habitation, becomes detrimental to its surroundings. At the same time, local citizens endlessly attempt to remove the tree from their lands and houses, in efforts to remould a certain sense of control and ownership of space and an inner sanctuary.

Drawing upon the paradoxes that exist between the natural and unnatural, the work grows into a collage of eclectic and intersecting images, representing personal ordeals or places for escapism, subverting the border, which stands in their midst.