Mel shares what she's learnt so far on the current Creativity Works programme.

All of the Creativity Works: Festivals and Live Events participants are writing blogs about their experiences to evidence their learning as part of their Arts Award Silver qualification.

The following post is taken from Mel's blog herownkind:

It’s been a pretty hectic week so far since joining the Creativity Works programme. The hours are long and the content is dense but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I am loving this course!

Already we have been given the chance to visit some of London’s most iconic venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the Old Royal Naval College for some inspirational talks and networking events. And we even kept it real and went to POP Brixton to watch a few performances.

I’ve met a range of industry people, everyone from Event Production Manager of Glastonbury to a Freelance Creative Producer, Director of Events and a few entrepreneurs and bloggers. There was even a PR person who doubles as a yoga instructor. Despite various roles and background stories a common theme did start to creep up involving – passion, hard

work and the word YES.

Over the weekend I got the chance to have a chat with Manager of the Creative Department, Chloe Evans, and the mantra was repeated “Always say yes, anything that’s asked of you just say yes and be prepared not to work for much, with very long hours but it’s worth it, it’s totally worth it!”


We have also started planning our very own graduation party/event called LDNXY at Styx Bar. We’ve all decided on having a carnival/circus theme and the event will include funfair style snacks like candy floss and popcorn topped with a summer BBQ menu and fun games.

I have chosen to go in the Artist Liaison and Programming team so much of my week has involved finding suitable artists, calling them and introducing myself, organising all the contact information on Googledrive and feed backing to the tech team what they will be needing. Ideally, I would like to see myself working as a freelance programmer or event manager in the future. So far this week I have learnt that it is very important to communicate ideas and goals clearly. It also helpful to use GANT charts to organise time effectively.

I have chosen to work on my assertiveness and at the same time strengthen skills I already have. Reflecting on my week, I would say I have made the effort to be more assertive as I express my decisions and ideas more clearly, even though one of the members in my group keeps making jokes about it, I am taking it quite seriously! Next week we hope to finalize the event schedule!

Find out more about the upcoming LDNXY event and book your free place HERE.