Future Startup Now Bootcamp grad, Sean talks about his experiences on Future Startup Now

First things first, who am I?

I'm Sean. I'm a model, actor, artist manager, marketer and one of the founders of MadeInZWE. MadeinZWE is a culture & lifestyle brand aimed at re-presenting the beauty of Zimbabwean culture to the world (more on that in a future post but for now; check out our website www.madeinzwe.com)

Today, I would like to talk about Future Startup now & Create Jobs. I'm specifically going to highlight the day I was introduced to medium and how helpful the whole programme and organisation has been for me.
Future startups now is a talent programme aiming to address the lack of representation in London's startup and innovation sector.

As a talent program it is part of the Create Jobs talent programme organised and run by A New Direction which is a London based non-profit which looks at ways to generate opportunities for children and young people working with their partners across education, culture, local governments, the creative industries and other businesses.

On the 2nd week of the 3 week course we were fortunate enough to get to visit the Airbnb Compton road offices for the day. The room was spectacular, with all sorts of different types of seats and tables enabling different seating arrangements, fully stocked (mostly) healthy snacks (minus the jar of salted caramel chocolate bars I was bingeing on). Once we were settled we went about presenting for an assignment we were set in the previous week to do a lean canvas for a startup business/idea of ours (it's sort of a mini 1 page business plan; naturally I did MadeInZWE). The quality of ideas coming from my cohort was absolutely BRILLIANT. I'm confident you will all be seeing some of the fine businesses budding in the next year or two (you heard it here first).

This was also the first time I met James Frewin (if you're unfamiliar he is a designer and social media marketer who is especially adept at UX & UI design.) I would recommend checking him out, he's very active on Twitter (@jamesfrewin1) His story inspired me to look into even more creative ways of design and other toolkits that can be used in my own work which had just been limited to 2/3 programmes up to then. This is just a testament to how a simple introduction to a new idea can spark a whole new way of thinking. You never know, my UX experiences could one day change the world ;).

The future startups now 3-week course was FILLED with experiences like this including a lovely well catered mixer where we go to meet our mentors and other very interesting business people from a variety of backgrounds but all with promising careers within tech. Courtesy of Hustle Crew! (An incredible team that have been integral to the success of future startups now on their mission to make the tech industry more "productive & inclusive through talks, training & mentorship")
Special shout out to their founder and one of our tutors Abadesi Osunsade.

In my next post I will shine some light on some of the Incredible work coming from the members of my cohort on this course.

In the mean time:

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