We speak to Create Jobs Alumna, Crystal Mah-Wing on what it's been like starting her new role as Project Assistant at Museum of London during lockdown

Tell us about your new role

I started working at the Museum of London in April during lock down as a Project Assistant. In this role I am working in a team to document and digitise the Museum’s collection, this includes working back of house in the object stores to measure, photograph and document each object. I will be working with many colleagues in other departments such as Curators and Conservators, to appropriately care for the objects.

What's it been like to start a new job whilst working remotely?

Starting a new job remotely has been very strange! As I completed my training at the Museum of London, I already know the team I am working with so it has been easier to integrate into the role. Alongside all of the good things, there have also been some challenges like setting my laptop up and getting back into routine (it’s very easy to stay in bed all day!).


How has your company supported you to work from home effectively?

I have had a lot of support starting my job while working from home, many of my colleagues have gotten in touch over Video Calls to conduct training and meetings. Since I have trained there previously, some of my colleagues have gotten in touch to see how I am doing and share their congratulations which has been very welcoming! My team has supported me by giving a lot of advice about working from home with others, managing my own expectations and looking after my well-being. We have all remained very social and remembered that it is important to have a balance between work and social life; sharing things that we may find interesting and some of the really cool things going on in the industry such as Museums from Home.

Have you had to learn any new skills starting a new job this way?

I have learnt so many new skills while working from home like improving focus and concentration to complete training and courses and caring for my surroundings as my work and home life are integrated during lock down. I have paid a lot of attention to my time management as I can easily spend hours looking at my laptop screen without having a break or staying in one room without spending time with others, learning how to have a good balance and separate work and home life is the most important.


What’s been your favourite thing about working remotely?

My favourite thing about working remotely is all the free time I have! Not completing my commute (usually an 1hr 15mins-ish) allows me to spend more time doing the things that I enjoy and completing the D.I.Y. tasks that I never find the time for!

What would you recommend to anyone starting a new job whilst WFH

I would recommend making a routine for yourself, usually the same routine you follow in the mornings when you go to work as it helps to promote a healthy working mind frame and separation between work and home. Set yourself up with a working space suited to your needs and the things you may need at hand to complete your daily tasks. Also, remember to take regular breaks away from the computer!