Highlights from Jamal Edwards' interview at #LifeHacks


At our recent #LifeHacks event, in partnership with NME, we got to listen to a 1:1 interview with SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards. Hearing advice from someone who’s already had so much success in their early life – and who’s definitely only just getting started – was something we wanted to share as wide as possible.

Here, Create Jobs’ Shahira Ahmed gives us her highlights.

All my life I’ve heard about people getting into the ‘industry’ by networking. After all, if you don’t have an uncle who’s high up at the BBC etc., it’s the only way you’re going to get your foot in the door. I think we all know deep down that watching DJ Khaled’s ‘inspirational’ Snapchats will only get us so far!

I’ve also learned that as long as you’re doing what you love, you’re always headed in the right direction, and tenacity and enthusiasm can help to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. That, and making sure you’re always playing the game. You are a walking CV/portfolio and as a nation of consumers, we all judge with our eyes first. First impressions are everything.

The interview with Jamal Edwards touched on lots of these themes. For those that don’t know, he’s the founder of SB.TV and self-confessed lover of networking. The amateur film-maker started in humble beginnings, growing up on a council estate in Luton and working at Topman, before he became a self-made multimillionaire.

Jamal set up his YouTube channel at the age of 15 and noticed no one was really spotlighting grime artists online. After receiving thousands of views on his YouTube videos, he realised an opportunity to collaborate with YouTube and start making money. He was turned down three times. The fourth time he was lucky.

We hear all the time that failure is a part of success and that you keep having to pick yourself up again. Jamal is a master at this and it’s clear to see that without passion and persistence, he wouldn’t be where he is today – a millionaire with an MBE.

The interview was full of advice and tips, and is well worth a read in this week’s NME. You can also listen to a soundbite from the interview here.

Here are some of our highlights:

Q: What was your inspiration/ motivation when you started SBTV?
A: There were so many closed doors, I think that was my inspiration at first, loads of people saying no…

Q: If you don’t go to uni - what’s the most important thing?
A: "I definitely think it’s networking… If you didn’t go to uni - the people in this room are who you need to start connecting with."

Q: "What advice would you give someone starting out?"

A: "I think one of the things is start something for a passion . . don’t start it just for a pay cheque - if you think about me I didn’t get my first pay cheque until after 5-6 years, don’t stop"

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