You don't need much to apply for Future Startup Now Founders but we do ask for...

1. A business idea

We’re looking for participants who have a great idea with the potential to grow and become a successful business.

We’re expecting you to be at the early stages of starting your business, but we want to see how you have already invested some time and energy into the idea. Maybe you’ve already started to build an online following or community, created a website, or designed a prototype.

The programme is designed to benefit people taking their first steps as an entrepreneur, so if you already have an established business, this won’t be the right fit for you.

We’re expecting the business ideas to have a digital element (as almost everything does in 2020!) but it doesn’t have to be a technology company.

Your idea can be a community interest company or a high growth scaleup and everything in between.

2. A creative and curious mindset

The programme will introduce you to a lot of new tools and different ways of thinking and working. You’ll get the most out of it if you can be open-minded, happy to give things a go even if they’re out of your comfort zone, and learning from your mistakes. We’re looking for participants who have the flexibility to explore problems from different angles, and are open to experimenting with new ideas and approaches.

3. A collaborative attitude

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll have to know how to work well in a team and take people along on your journey with you. We’ll be looking out for participants who are good at building relationships, working with others, and bringing out their strengths. Our programmes offer a great opportunity to build a network of likeminded peers, so a positive and supportive attitude is key.

4. A self-motivated nature

If you want to strike out on your own and set up your own venture, you’ll need a lot of passion and drive. We want to see participants who are self-disciplined, and are always pushing themselves to improve their own knowledge and skills. Alongside the intensive training and expert advice you’ll receive on the programme, there will be a significant element of independent study and you’ll need to have the focus and determination to make the most of this opportunity.