See what went down during the final screening for Creativity Works: Rushes in this two-part recap

In February 2019, a group of our trainees completed their Creativity Works: Rushes course, a rollercoaster ride that gave them all the ins and outs of the exciting world of post-production. After all the workshops, networking, planning, shooting and editing, they were ready to show their short films at Untold Studios to a panel of industry experts and invited guests, high above Old Street in London.

Here's a recap if the evening.

DSCF9840 edit-KV.jpg

DSCF9841 edit-KV.jpg

Nerves and excitement as the team for the lights to go down and the films to begin. Lots of chat comparing notes - until the screening began.

DSCF9883 edit-KV.jpg

DSCF9870 edit-KV.jpg

Safiyyah created "Look Up", one of the films that was shown (when you're done here, head to the next post to see hers and all the others).

DSCF9874 edit-KV.jpg

DSCF9892 edit-KV.jpg

DSCF9907 edit-KV.jpg

Meet the panel. Darren O’Kelly (co-founder of Untold Studios), Lisette Nice (founder and managing director at Factory Studios), Melody Sylvester (executive producer and head of VFX at RSA Films) and Charlie Gatsky (specialist consultant for Creativity Works: Rushes). They gave a lot of valuable feedback to all the trainees, which was all well received.

DSCF9917 edit-KV.jpg

The team had also taken workshops from Tim & Barry during their course, so it was great to have Barry Edmunds in attendance, with words of encouragement.

DSCF9931 edit-KV.jpg

After the screening, it was time for networking and mingling...

DSCF9939 edit-KV.jpg

...along with some well-earned pizza...

DSCF9949 edit-KV.jpg

...and even some magic tricks from Eric, one of the trainees.

DSCF9942 edit-KV.jpg

DSCF9943 edit-KV.jpg

DSCF9956 edit-KV.jpg

A successful evening was had by all, with some incredible work from the team. Looking to see all the films? Check out our rundown in the next post.

Do you want to take part in our next course? Good news: applications are NOW OPEN for our Creativity Works: Post-production programme. It'll all kick off in October, so go here for all the details - only 25 places are available.

Photography by Ketishia Vaughan