Preparation is key! Whether it’s starting a freelance gig, part-time role or your dream job, we’re here to get you ready with six simple tricks to help you hit the ground running in your new role.

1. Know where you’re going

Whether it’s in the studio or virtual office, make sure you know where you will be based and who you’ll be meeting at the start of your day.

This is especially important if your employer has multiple locations. Find a map, get directions and even check what the entrance looks like on Google Street View.

Or, if you’re working remotely, make sure you have your manager’s contact details, check when and where you’re meeting (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, a phone call or something else!)

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2. Plan your journey

Incorporate a time buffer for delays with public transport or getting lost. If you’re driving or cycling, find out where you can park or lock your bike.

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3. Get equipped

Your company should provide you with all the necessary equipment before you start. Particularly if you’re working remotely, ensure you’ve been in touch to arrange pick up or delivery of things like a laptop, work phone or anything else you may need.

Some organisations may even provide a desk chair, webcam and headphones to make sure you’ve got the best home office set-up.

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4. Connect and download

If you are remote working, connect your devices to your WiFi/internet ahead of time to test the speed and troubleshoot any issues.

Make sure any apps or software that you know you may need, including your email, are downloaded and ready to go.

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5. Check your finances

Your first pay-check is unlikely to be until the end of your first week or month, so plan to cover all your expenses until then.

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6. Refresh

Read over your job description and familiarise yourself with the latest project, blogs, campaigns or information about the company.

You may want to touch-up on any specialist knowledge or skills you will need to do the job.

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And finally, don't forget to enjoy it. They've chosen you because you're the right person for the job. Take a deep breath and know that you got this!

Graphics© Illustration by Vicky H on Dribbble