Education Trainee at Magnum Photos

I’m Zoe and I’m a recent literature grad based in East London.

Late last year I took part in the Creativity Works Podcasting programme where I produced an audio documentary on Cornish language revival and regional identity.

My next audio project is another documentary about archival drag queen recordings from the 1930s!

I am interested in where the charity and cultural sectors intersect and how they can make each other better.

I feel really excited by cultural organisations that value youth voice and diverse participation. I’m also interested in cultural production and events delivery.

I’m looking forward to being paid fairly for work in the cultural sector. It’s very hard to get a start in the creative sector as a working-class person when you’re expected to work for free whilst somehow magically paying your rent.

I’m really excited to meet the other participants and grow a network of young people hustling to break into the creative industry.