Future Startup Now Bootcamp

Changing the face of London’s startups

Entrepreneurs come from everywhere. All backgrounds, ethnicity, shapes and sizes. They are bold. They are brave. They see the future and strive to create it.

We know talent is equally distributed. So why is there a huge lack of representation in London’s startup and innovation sector?

Future Startup Now is here to address this disconnect as part of the Mayor’s Digital Talent programme.​

We bring fresh, underrepresented talent to London’s fastest growing startups by:

  • Training and developing entrepreneurial talent
  • Supporting London’s startup businesses recruit for entry-level roles and optimise for inclusion
  • Helping young entrepreneurs to start their own business.

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Our highly selective, 3 week intensive bootcamp has been designed with London’s top startups to give you:

  • Sector knowledge. The skillsets and mindsets you need to succeed.
  • Operating skills. Self-awareness to build your best self.
  • Contacts and coaching. To get you the job you want.

Past roles we've linked people to include:

  • Policy Team Intern, AirBnB

  • Community Development Intern, Depop

  • Social Media Influencer Specialist, Depop

  • Events Host Development Intern, AirBnB

  • Social Media and Content, Ideas East

  • A three-week, expenses paid bootcamp to set you up for success in your placement by understanding the culture of a startup, delving into the life cycle of a digital product, understanding how to work and thrive in uncertainty and developing digital mindsets
  • The chance to work with Airbnb, ustwo, People of Colour in Tech, HustleCrew and Depop
  • London Living Wage paid three-month placements across Operations, Marketing or Relationships at one of London’s exciting digital startups
  • Ongoing 1:1 employability support
  • Mentoring
  • Access to a Macbook Pro & Adobe Suite

You will also have the opportunity to pitch your very own startup ideas to our unique and diverse panel with a chance to receive capital of £5,000 and a year's desk space to kick start/grow your very own startup.

Programme dates

Week one: 17, 18, 19 Mar

Week two: 23, 25, 27 Mar

Week three: 31 Mar and the 1 & 2 April

  • Based in London aged 18-24 years old and is interested in building a career in the digital sector
  • Excited about immersing themselves in the startup world
  • Flexible and adaptable with a positive outlook
  • Able to work in a fast-paced and varied role
  • Able to complete tasks and build skills independently

Applications are now closed for Future Startup Now Bootcamp.

Applications for Future Startup Now Bootcamp are closed by our Founders programme is open and seeking young entrepreneurs to start their own business. Find out more here.

Start a business

Think you’ve got an idea to change the world? Want to start your own thing? Take part in Future Startup Now Founders

Future Startup Now Founders

STartups, get involved

Access our network of under-represented talent by sending us your entry-level roles.

We can help you hire across:

  • Operations
  • Marketing and content
  • Customer success and Account Management

Need to work on the diversity in your organisation?

Check out our 7 Steps towards Inclusion.

So far, we’ve helped fill roles at:

  • People of Color in Tech (POCIT)
  • Ideas East
  • Depop
  • Learnerbly
  • Designit

If you are interested in mentoring a young person through their journey and dedicating six hours over three months towards their development then please express your interest here.


If you're interested in getting involved with Future Startup Now, contact the Create Jobs team today.

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Future Startup Now addresses the lack of representation in our capital’s startup and innovation sector, as part of the Mayor’s Digital Talent Programme.​