Beth Kahn breaks down each question on the Future Startup Now Founders application form to help you answer them as best you can

Question 1: Tell us about your business idea and how you have developed it so far (max 500 words)

We want to find and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and invest in 10 viable businesses at the end of the programme. Tell us why your idea is new and exciting, and why you think it has the potential to become a profitable business in future. Please show us some evidence of how you’ve developed it so far – you can add links in your response and/or upload documents.

Question 2: How would you benefit from taking part in FSN Founders? (max 300 words)

The program is aimed at supporting curious individuals with a talent for problem solving and finding new ways of working. Please tell us why you think this is you! What skills do you have that you could bring to the startup world and more importantly what skills do you hope to gain through taking part in the programme? It is helpful to refer to aspects of the programme and curriculum you are particularly interested in and indicate what kind of equipment you would invest in if you were successful in pitching for funding.

Question 3: Tell us about a time you failed hard – what did you learn from it? (max 300 words)

We have all failed at something and a big part of the start-up world is being able to bounce back. Tell us a time you failed and how it affected you, what did you learn from the process and how has this changed how you approach similar situations or life in general? We welcome a broad range of examplesit could be anything from a school project to experiences you’ve had with your own business ventures!

Question 4: Tell us about a time you displayed curiosity. What did you achieve? (max 300 words)

Curious minds produce the most innovative outcomes! Tell us a time, no matter how big or small, that you thought out of the box or explored a new way of working; What was the outcome? How did it have an effect you or the people around you? Once again this could be an example from an experience at school, previous/current jobs or just at home.

Question 5: Which entrepreneur or start-up business do you most admire, and why? (max 300 words)

We want to know who inspires you and why – what do you admire about their approach, the way they run their business, or their products or services? How has this influenced your attitude to your work?

Uploading your CV

Your CV is a great way to let us know what you’ve done previously. Make sure it is up to date with you most recent experience and qualifications. Your CV is also great for listing achievements outside of work and school such as awards and achievements you may have achieved. Limit your CV to two pages. We accept both Microsoft Word Documents and PDFs. Ensure you title the file with your name. If you prefer to email this to us please contact

Access and additional support

It is really important to us that we enable access to our training programmes. Please let us know if you would like to submit your application in a different format by contacting Programme Officer Pagan-Lilley on or on 07472 683757.

If there is any additional support we could offer to enable you to participate in either the selection process, or the programme, please include this in your application, or contact us before the deadline.