Lammas Park LTD

Office Intern and Admin Assistant

We are recruiting for an enthusiastic, self motivated individual who is keen to learn the practical and creative basics of film, television and advertising production.

Our office is in Dean Street, W1. We would like for you to come into the office on a daily basis to be part of the team, and feel the vibrancy of working in a busy production hub in London.

However, if you need to work from home at any point this will also be acceptable, but will need to agree the split before employment commences.


Lammas Park Ltd


47 Dean Street, W1D 5BE


10am – 3pm Mon to Fri


£10.85/hr (London Living Wage)

Number of Positions



10.00am Sun 31 Oct 2021

Lammas Park is a trailblazing TV, Film and advertising production company.

Recent credits include BBC documentary 3 parter Uprising, and BBC1’s Small Axe. We concentrate on telling socially and culturally transformative narratives.

Visit the company website below:

Lammas Park Ltd

The candidate will have a desire to learn about the fundamentals of working in an office from filing, logging hard drives and masters, creating library documents, delivering production packages around Soho and London, collating PR and industry articles for archive, setting up office based systems (phones/IT).

They will also be keen to learn the early creative development process of idea generating, reading original IP, searching for news articles, researching stories and listening on brainstorms and writing notes.

The person will also be getting involved in production tasks, from travel coordination, research, document preparation before meetings, and even running on any shoots. All of these core skills will ensure the candidate can transfer their knowledge into any aspect of the creative industry.

You will be shadowing team members from the production and development team to learn about the above.

You must be aged 16-24 years old, and unemployed and claiming Universal Credit.

The role also asks that:

  • It would be helpful for the individual to be familiar with Word, Excel and/or Keynote
  • Have an interest in editing would be useful too (iMove, Adobe Premiere) – but not essential
  • The candidate also does not need to have any formal degree qualifications
  • We are looking for good communication, teamwork and leadership skills

This programme is being delivered as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

To be eligible to apply you must be aged 18 – 24 and claiming universal credit.

  • If interested please talk and inquire about this specific role to your job coach before the 10:00 am 31st of Oct

Read more about the Kickstart scheme here.

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Part of Kickstart

This role is offered as part of the government's Kickstart Scheme.

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