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Social Media Co-ordinator

Feed Me Light (FML) is an independent creative studio, passionate about animation and run by creatives.

We work with brands, agencies and fellow creatives globally to create stories in advertising, TV series, interactive, games, music videos and original content

We are a team of passionate people, and we are a close knit team which makes us feel good. Collectively we have a belief in our studio which reflects our commitment to our craft and dynamic ideas.

As Social Media Coordinator you will play an important role in achieving this commitment by assisting with the brand communication, and helping us grow.

We envision that as you settle into your role and learn more about FML (and us about you), your development will be reflected in the roles development at FML.

We have an existing ‘idea’ on what our social media should look like and communicate. But we need someone with the right skillset, experience and knowledge to help deliver this and help build on it further.

We are flexible to how this works so open to discussion to your desired working pattern. But we would like the hours to be consistent each week, and within our standard studio hours so we know availability for meetings, discussions etc etc.

Studio hours are 9:30am – 6:30am Mon-Fri


Feed Me Light


19-23 Kingsland Road London, E2 8AA


25 hours


£12.45 per hour

Number of Positions



10am Mon 11th Oct 21

Feed Me Light delivers a range of services and takes a holistic approach to finding creative solutions that are bespoke to our clients, we can provide support from strategic consultancy through to execution of marketing content.

We find creative solutions for our clients that span from creative briefs through to storyboarding, illustrations, 2D & 3D animation, filming, post production, print, video games and VR.

The distinct creative style of the founding creative team is known for it’s light hearted view, humour and fun. Fuelled by quality and high attention to detail the work we produce speaks for itself. And coffee – definitely fuelled by a lot of coffee.

As a company we strive to be straight up, honest and all round good sorts. This is our mantra for all management and communication, with both clients and employees. We know this will create partnerships that allow for collaboration, joint vision and shared success.

We partner with Elastic.tv whose work has earned accolades at film, tv, and advertising festivals around the world, earning top honors at Cannes, Annecy, the Academy Awards, the Emmys, D&AD, SXSW, and many others.

Being the good sorts that we are, we make sure we give back to the global community and drive a CSR programme – that will grow as we grow.

For every job Feed Me Light wins, we give a percentage to our chosen charity of the year that we are sponsoring. Putting positive vibes out there, and those positive vibes will be coming back in.

The Social Media Co-ordinator (SMC) will work closely with our Executive Creative Director to understand what is important to us, who our audience(s) is, how we communicate and the level of standard the content needs to be. For this you will need to be detailed and meticulous, with a good creative eye.

Initially the fundamental task and responsibility is to ensure that we have regular scheduled posts/communication being shared.

We have the content, but the SMC will need to work with our amazing team of artists to find the existing content and ensure it is ‘social media’ ready.

As we progress, ideas of new content we can create based on what works successfully for us in terms of engagement will be encouraged.

We would like the SMC to be structured and organised to automate the overall process as much as possible to make it appear quicker, easier and less troublesome to go from ‘content created’, to ‘content posted’.

Being analytical with the ability to create simple steps to streamline the process will be a key responsibility.

We have visions of where we want our social media to go, and this role will develop alongside it.

So if you’re ambitious, have proven success and confidence with social media (not just an everyday user) and want to learn and develop alongside us, then definitely please apply.

You will be required to work from the studio but we do not have an expectation that it needs to be everyday.

We are open and flexible to discuss what works for us both.

The studio is in Hoxton, closest tube is Hoxton Overground.

You must be aged 16-24 years old, and unemployed and claiming Universal Credit.

Experience with the management of a successful social media brand or campaign is useful.

We want someone who has hand on experience with social media that has proven impact and engagement.

Qualifications in marketing, brand communication or other relevant areas to social media and marketing would be a plus, but not essential.

The hands on experience gained previously that is relevant and transferrable to this role would be considered more valuable.

Essential skills for the SMC role are; strong creative eye, good communication skills (especially written), good time management to work to deadlines and an ability to give and take feedback well. Someone detailed, meticulous and structured.

An ability to look analytically at situations to help make strategic decisions to increase success and achieve goals.

Having worked in a fast paced team environment is important, and to have thrived on the collaboration and feedback - and enjoyed it!

A love of all things creative and the process of it will be helpful to the successful individual. Genuine interest in illustration and animation will be a big bonus.

Be personable. Be professional. Be respectful. Be polite. Be aware of others. Be helpful.

Be you.

This programme is being delivered as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

To be eligible to apply you must be aged 18 – 24 and claiming universal credit.

  • If interested please talk and inquire about this specific role to your job coach before the 10:00 am 11th of Oct

Read more about the Kickstart scheme here.

Part of Kickstart

This role is offered as part of the government's Kickstart Scheme.

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