Caroline Taylor, an SLP mentor and founder of Silverspace Pillows, tells us why mentoring is so beneficial


Once you’re ‘in’ the prospects are great.

The creative economy is booming and forecast to grow. It's a buoyant sector and one that I've had the pleasure of working in for 18 years.

But breaking into the industry is famously tough.

It always has been. And in a climate where arts education continues to be cut and students have to fund their education, there seem to be more barriers than ever. Not to mention that the creative industries need to do more work to diversify their workforce sharpish.

And that's why I'm involved as a mentor.

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I want to see more people from a greater variety of backgrounds make their mark. I want to give the next generation a leg up so they can wedge the door open and hustle their way in.

I've been paired with a mentee looking to land her dream job as a creative events planner.

We have 4 group sessions that run across 4 evenings, meeting once a month. The sessions include an inspiring talk and group creative task, time for mentors and mentees to get cracking and a closing talk from an accomplished industry person about their journey from start to present.

We're now half way through.

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The programme is informative and inspiring. I’ve heard some of the mentees say ‘this programme should be introduced in schools’, ‘the sessions are so productive’ and ‘I feel like we’re making such fast progress’.

From my point of view I’m really enjoying helping my mentee shape her career plan, sell her story, rewrite her CV, giving her focus, giving her confidence and helping her make some industry connections.

If you want to be a mentor this is a well-structured programme, one where they match mentors and mentees thoughtfully. A programme that enables you to help a young person on their way and one where you can’t help but get inspired yourself. Just brilliant.

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Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction’ - John C Crosby, American Politician

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