Farfetch - Digital Product Designer Trainee

Self-taught graphic designer with a law degree.

My greatest strength is merging both those worlds to inform the way I approach every project that I am presented with.

Also, being conceptual is the driving force in my work and meaning is everything to me. I believe that I am part of a creative lineage.

Everyone from graphic designer Sagi Haviv, political martyr Thomas Sankara, architect David Adjaye, anime Full Metal Alchemist, feminist Patricia Hill Collins, film maker Gaspar Noé, artist Jean Michel-Basquiat and amongst other influences from an array of different professions and creative mediums.

I am looking forward to the knowledge that will be shared by everyone delivering the programme, which will allow me to learn the basics of product design and teach me how to apply my skills for future jobs, but I am also curious about the information that will be shared amongst the other applicants.

Being in a circle of people with different skill levels, backgrounds and interests is the perfect environment to grow and learn new perspectives as an individual, but more importantly as a designer.